Everything in One place.

From setting up an event, to registering your event attendees.

TikTik allows you to create an event, set up its ticket shop and sell tickets online. It also enables you to follow up on your customers before and after the event.

Let’s handle any type of the event for you:

  • Festivals
  • Concerts and theatres
  • Fairs
  • Shows


Ticket shop

Set your event and its tickets online.

Ticket sharing

Sell your tickets from your website and anywhere you want.

Ticket control

Fasten entrance process thanks to our free scanning app.

Promotors management

Manage your promotors sales.

Clients self-service

Let your clients help you by editing their tickets if needed .


Keep track of your sales through our clear dashboard.

Mobile app

Access the service with your mobile.


Whether announcing any change about the event or thanking your buyers, let your clients know you care about them through emails at the right time.

Ticket Reservation

Reserve tickets for your attendees through your promoters.

Alternative payments

We offer different payments methods. And you can offer alternative payment solutions (cheque, bank transfer, etc). Our system will help you manage reservations and issue tickets without any fees.

Multi users

Grant access to certain events and/or functionalities on your profile to members of your organizing team.

Integration on your site

Integrate your TikTik ticket office on your website. Our module is customizable and responsive, which will guarantee you a professional rendering and an optimal experience for your buyers.


From individual to group ticket types.

Payment in installments

Offer spread payment solutions to your attendees.

Customized withdrawal

Withdrawal according to your preferences.

Export of registrations

Export your data at any time to Excel or PDF files.


Get an overview of your orders. Our back-office offers you real-time and detailed monitoring of your sales.

Control terminals

Control entrance of your attendees. Scan QR codes of your tickets by downloading our IOS and Android mobile control application.


Promote your event with special deals.

Guest list

Invite guests to your event and have an overview of all your participant in one place.

How it works

  • Create your account (Sign Up or Sing In for free)
  • Create your Event
  • Create Tickets and/or Categories of Tickets for your Event
  • Start selling
  • Sells Tracking (Statistics, List of Attendees and Sales Details)
  • Get your revenue (customized to your needs)
  • Ticket control (validate a ticket by scanning QR Code with our free scanning APP)

Would you like to know more?

Our vision and mission is to find creative and simple solutions that will fulfill all your needs and desires. Our goal is serving our clients to our full potential in an effective and smart way. Working and interacting with all kinds of organizers pushes our limits to meet your visions and offer you a complete and cross-functional selling platform.

We take care of the tech, you take care of the event organization.

Your opinion matters and we will always do our best to meet all the needs in time. Therefore do not hesitate to write to us. We will respond in the shortest time possible and make sure, all your questions and requests are answered.


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